Illustrator. Graphic & Textile Designer. Singer/Songwriter. Painter. Gardener. Amateur Entomologist. Kite Enthusiast. Lover of all things fluffy.

Alexandria is an illustrator and designer living in New York. A graduate of Pratt Institute with an eager interest in children's book illustration and writing, graphic and textile design. Or simply put, everything.

Artist Biography

The landscape of my youth was ephemeral and ever-changing, as I spent most of my time as a transient of the Northeast. I moved between the banks of the St. Lawrence river, to the Pocono Mountains, to the snow-laden Tug Hill Plateau, Lake Ontario and the Salmon River. Having been an only child, I spent an extraordinary amount of time reading science books, or outside on explorations, where I learned to become a diligent student of the natural world. It is this influence which has had lead to me document and interpret what I’ve experienced, onto paper. As such, I approach my work with a great fascination and curiosity. I feel as though, creating art implements steps akin to those in the scientific method, and that asking questions are an absolute requisite.

Storytelling too, has become a fundamental cog in my work. Anecdote and allegory are often prominent elements as I combine a melding of folk art, satire, symbolism and surrealism to create a world which resides on a hem between reality and imagination. I use these devices to illustrate dilemmas in regards to the environment, as well as highlight the transformation and cyclical patterns which can be observed in nature. The work is often meant to have different tiers of meaning and interpretation. Due to my background in children’s book illustration my paintings are often approachable and colorful, yet contain more complex or darker themes often of, or relating to environmental and social issues. In this way, the work can be accessible.

A wide array of mediums are implemented as I believe different tools are needed for different forms of creative problem solving. Some recent work includes watercolor, gouache, and oil paint. Very recently I’ve also begun to employ charcoal, pastels, pen and pencil.

Moving forward, I will continue to explore themes of environmental problems and nature and how they relate the Earth’s inhabitants. Most importantly, I seek to stimulate questions and a create a personal connection with these environmental obstacles, so that they might hit closer to home.


For any inquiries or additional information please feel free to contact me!

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